cXc Music NFTs

It’s time. The music mapp is evolving

Now, artists from any city + genre can apply for a cXc drop here, with Artist Drops drops happening weekly.

🖼️🎸 cxcmusicnfts pays musicians directly all proceeds of the drop, minus 4% collection fee + market fee. 

Single NFT Pricing is ~$5 for singles, videos, and extras, and $25+ for albums, which are blendable if you get the right NFTs. $2 drops first-week sales. 

🎵🔌   Holding cxcmusicnft collection NFTs whitelists you for new drops. Rare drops will be given to high-count cxcmusicnft holders.

So STACK cXc Music NFTs to get the latest and greatest 

Join us at for more info ~ Roadmap 🛣️

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