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Smart Contracts pay musicians directly all proceeds of the drop, minus 4% collection fee + market fee. 

Single NFT Pricing is ~$5 for singles, videos, and extras, and $25+ for albums, which are blendable if you get the right NFTs.
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Our Artist's Drops

When My Soul Escapes Away - God Sol One Love 🧞 MVMF Promo

Behind the Music

God Sol One Love delivers a gift to the cXc community with this free NFT drop promoting his MVMF set, as well as all artists cXc will be bringing to the stage. 

What is the thought pattern that breaks us from the system? That brings us back to harmony in our soul’s journey? This song comes as a glass slide looking into my brain as I move through this physical plane, learning my place in the soul’s journey, and the universal plan.

God Sol One Love’s conscious hip hop set at MVMF is on the 29th at 11 pm PST on the .gems stage

Enter the Metaverse to watch the concert

Song: When My Soul Escapes Away

Artist: God Sol One Love
Genre: Hip-Hop
Mood: Introspective / Uplifting
Rarity: Uncommon

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El Trance Del Mimo - Mi Demonio 😈

Behind the Music

El Trance del Mimo delivers an incredible video sure to spin out your mind! 

Humans have lived on duality for too long. In order to find some peace, many fragment their ideas, habits and beliefs into different labeled “boxes”. Good and Evil weight in an inner “Judgement Scale” that most likely creates separation due to the contaminated information we have been taught through merciless repetition. Demons are also teachers, but in the end it is up to each own to pick their sources of knowledge.

Song: Mi Demonio 😈

Artist: El Trance Del Mimo

Genre: Psychedelic Folk

Rarity: Epic

J-$ee Mentalz - L.A. Confidential 💿

Behind the Music

J-$ee Mentalz hits us over the head with Blends + Story in this epic drop

J-$ee Mentalz is a hip-hop producer from North Carolina now living in Maryland, specializing in boom-bap.

This tape takes you on a journey with J-$ee Mentalz out to L.A., recording a beat at each stop.

Step into the story on the NFT’s data to behind the music as you travel with J-$ee.

Songs: High Times (Legendary), Route 66 (Epic), El Guapo, Downtown LA, HUH!?

Genre: Hip Hop Instrumentals
Type: Multi-NFT (5 Different Songs)
Price: $20 for 12 NFTs
Availability: Only 12 Available EVER!

Available Blends

Blend 1
 Get the Mythic by blending the other 4
Blend 2 Get a new pack of 12 by blending all 5

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Only 12 packs available (EVER)

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$10 First 88 (Limited Release)
Then $20

Chronamut - Evolution 💿

Behind the Music

Chronamut brings us EDM music in the first-ever pack drop! 

Chronamut, an OG in the Music NFT space just released via cXc

About The Album “the album is a collection of my greatest original pieces, as well as collabs with the greatest musicians from newgrounds – all EDM music”

Genre: EDM
Type: Multi-NFT (5 Different Songs)
Price: 🔌 $10 for 7 NFTs
Availability: Only 88 Available


Message - Muenster 🎥

Behind the Music

Muenster is here to spread a message. 

WE must open a dialogue surrounding the abuse of power against citizens by its police force, most importantly black males under the age of 35.

Coupled with the proliferation of drug and crime culture in the music that is being driven by the lowest common denominator, the media, senseless murders and overdoses continue to occur and we lose our youth one by one…..

As uncomfortable and hard as it might be, it is the only way to end the decisiveness and systematic racism that is driving us further from the light, and allowing hate to win.

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$2 First Week (Limited Release)
Then $3

El Trance del Mimo – Majareta – [Music Video] 🥇

Story behind the Music

El Trance del Mimo delivers an incredible video sure to spin out your mind! 

Majareta means crazy/insane. Majareta is an offering to the Goddess of Time and a musical reflection of/about the crazy ruled world that we all live in! We all question ourselves, sometimes even to exhaustion. For some of those questions, we may find an answer, but all in all, each perception of truth and reality is unique, so what can we deem as real?!?! The videoclip represents in a symbolic way how we found our way into El Trance Del Mimo magnetic spiral.

Hop Out – Ayokidclassic Feat. TK Blockstar

Story behind the Music

Ayokidclassic made this Anthem as a statement for the day ahead of you. 

“When I made the hook initially I wanted to give my fans my energy and grasp their undivided attention. It’s a statement to get up and get active and do what you do best with no restraints!!” – Ayo

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Old Soul – Ammon

Story behind the Music

Ammon and J-$ee Mentalz used to spend a lot of time in my home studio, where J-$ee made the beat back in 2015. The beat was on my computer when I traveled outside of the US for the first time. It gives me a special, introspective + expansive vibe, a vibe I got into in Trujillo, Peru, where I recorded the first part of the song as a sketch, planning to re-record.

Fast forward 2 years later, I find myself in Barranquilla, Colombia, after a journey by land across South America and back (and North). I revisited the recording and decided to leave the original audio, as it has a certain feel I find genuine. I hope you enjoy!

Cover Art Was made by Douglas / Karelia with 2 different Parrot mandalas rotating around one of my fractal artworks. The tree in the photo is from the walk up to the Tepozteco Pyramid in Mexico.

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